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In today’s complex threat environment, businesses, individuals, and organisations require trusted partners to provide the ultimate assurance that their assets are well protected. We are rigorous in risk, adaptable to threat spectrums, and clinical in service delivery adding business value by ensuring investment in security & risk is cost effective and well thought out.

Who We Are

Frankton Group provide a comprehensive range of security solutions, individually tailored to the requirements of the client, whether in the public, private or third sector.

Frankton have extensive experience in managing organisations exposure to threat, risk and resilience, whether the threat is physical, operational or cyber. Our approach is one of providing an holistic and bespoke series of threat, risk and vulnerability studies, that in turn can be addressed logically to ensure an organisation’s resilience is fully built upon and improved.

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We recruit and train a number of specialist staff dedicated to Business Support roles. These staff are highly skilled in a variety of support roles and tasks that are vital to the smooth running of a successful business.

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