Special Projects - Frankton Group

Frankton provides the Subject Matter Expertise required in the development of specialist capabilities and delivery of special projects.

Frankton employs specialist consultants from a variety of different security backgrounds. It is for this reason that we are proud to be able to offer niche

specialist services, tailored and designed to the bespoke needs of the client. Frankton guarantees the highest professional standards are always achieved and that the upmost discretion and confidentiality are always assured. Some of the special project services we offer are as follows:

Specialist Canine Services; Forensic and Geoforensic Services; Counter IED; Aviation Security; Blast Mitigation; Journey Management; Simulators; Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) Programme; Specialist Technology & Equipment.

Frankton has partnered with world leading security and defence equipment manufactures to deliver a range of specialist operational and training equipment


Frankton are at the forefront when it comes to the provision of technical solutions.

Frankton has partnered with a leading global manufacturer delivering international technology and security through operating subsidiaries and special purpose vehicles. Together we have demonstrated expertise in defence, security, telecommunications, and Intellectual Property capture through our ability to source globally ‘market ready’ Intellectual Property from public and private innovators, enablers, and incubators.


Frankton specialist have delivered UAV programs to both commercial and governmental organisations.

Working closely with aerospace partners Frankton can provide market leading unmanned aerospace vehicles. This partnership not only enables the delivery

of market leading small unmanned systems (UAS/UAV) and services but also ensures a global presence and a robust research and development program with advanced integration capacities.

Virtual Reality Simulators

Virtual reality simulation is vital for conducting crisis management training.

Working closely with a major US technologies company Frankton provide world leading virtual reality simulators for disaster and emergency management training. Our systems have decades of research and development and Frankton offers market leading systems and end to end crisis management training to support training simulation and live operation.

Specialist Canine Services

Frankton are able to deliver highly specialised canine services and we excel in helping clients develop their own canine capabilities.

We have detailed and extensive global experience of delivering ‘start up’ capability to a number of nations and agencies. We provide the following services:

Canine Forensic Search and Detection Support Services;
Cadaver dog detection (deceased victim recovery);
Crime scene (blood) screening and detection;
Laboratory screening (blood);
Human scent evidence covert trailing and screening;
KR&E, search to locate using human scent evidence dogs;
Explosives detection;
Narcotics detection;
Substance detection dogs;
Arson detection;
Contraband detection;
Cash detection.