Intelligence and Surveillance

Frankton specialists have served in covert intelligence units around the world.

This means we can deliver services, training and mentoring at the forefront of Surveillance and Intelligence techniques in the following capabilities:

Mobile foot surveillance; Close target reconnaissance; Expeditionary surveillance; Covert video and audio collection; Intelligence collection capabilities.

Our specialist Surveillance Teams are entirely recruited from the intelligence gathering arms of the Military and Security Services and are all highly trained and experienced.

Intelligence Collection

Frankton are at the forefront of intelligence collection via mobile foot surveillance, close target reconnaissance, covert video and audio collection and expeditionary surveillance.

For intelligence collection, Frankton has specific and discreet capabilities and expertise where required. Frankton has specific and discreet capabilities and expertise in:

Geo-Forensics Intelligence; Cyber Intelligence; Imagery and Geospatial Intelligence; Signals and Communications intelligence; ISTAR operations – utilising our own Unmanned Air Vehicle systems. See Special Projects.

Tiger Testing

Our aim is to discover vulnerabilities and make recommendations to improve your business model.

We remain ready to support and advise you on developing specialist Intelligence and Counter Terrorist capabilities. Frankton provide a range of solutions to help organisations fully recognise their ‘known’ and ‘unknown’ vulnerabilities that an attacker might take advantage of.

We deliver extremely ‘high end’ Tiger Testing, Penetration Testing and Red Teaming exercises, to precisely expose the vulnerabilities which provide an intimate insight into the strategic, tactical and operational weaknesses of a company or organisations that has assets to protect. We have experience of undertaking these levels of testing in hostile environments, critical national infrastructure, or corporate locations.

Red Teaming

Red Teaming is a flexible tool that organisations use to identify critical vulnerabilities.

Red teaming provides assessment and table top solutions that look at your assets from the viewpoint of your adversary. We evaluate potential vectors for attack and determine the best courses of action based upon the tactics, techniques and procedures (TTP’s) of the adversary.  Often, these are outside the realm of traditional security thinking and lead to our clients being made aware of risks they never knew they had.

A key, distinguishing factor is that red teaming is mission-driven and involves the use of a simulated, goal-directed adversary attacking an asset from the theoretical and simulated perspective. 


Our investigation reports form the keystone to legal recovery cases.

Frankton provide investigative services at a range of levels across the intelligence, investigations, forensics, and cyber domains. We are able to provide either individual investigators, or an intelligence cell to deliver either overt or covert solutions.  We also conduct multi-jurisdictional investigations to trace, identify, and analyse lost assets. Our investigative reports form the keystone to legal recovery cases.