Cyber Risk services - Frankton Group

If you are online you are a Cyber target. Invariably it is your personal data, intellectual property and valuable information that the adversary will aim to steal, corrupt, or deny your access to it.

Their motivation is driven by an intent to steal from you; to disrupt your business operations; or embarrass you. With a well-informed Cyber Risk Management process, coupled with Cyber intelligence, you can prepare to address the threats as they arise and respond to them effectively. This is why we created our Cyber Risk Management Service.

Make no mistake – The threat against UK businesses is persistent and enduring. The fact is that cyber criminals have altered their tactics and methodology and are now targeting large and small enterprises on an industrial scale for the high financial rewards offered by their intellectual property and valuable data. All companies need to be on high alert.

Why you might need this? The threats materialize in different ways from the adversary, and it is vital you understand their tactics, techniques and procedures – We do.

The threats include:
Advanced Persistent Threats–Difficult to detect but very simple methods; Blended Threats–Complex attacks and difficult to defend.

Your adversary is:
Very well trained and persistent; Very capable; Very highly motivated to steal and disrupt.

He or she will:
Use social engineering or phishing tactics – 90% of attacks are undertaken this way; Will on average take 2 weeks to complete the attack, theft, or denial; Use an average of only 5 e mails targeted to your staff to get remote access; It will be an average of a year before you know of the attack.

We can help you defend your IP and assets with:
Cyber intelligence to inform of attack methodology; Undertake Tiger Testing and simulated attacks to expose your vulnerabilities; Help you develop a digital forensics capability which remains vital to defend your assets.

At Frankton we want to provide you with a broad range of services and new perspectives on cyber resilience. Successful organisations are ones that embrace their risks, and Cyber security remains the most prolific of risks that can affect businesses, their brand and reputation, and cause organisations to close down if the risks are not managed well.

Frankton can help you transform your approach to cyber risk, security, and resilience, providing the expertise, support and intelligence to help you recognise the complexities of cyber security. We have drawn on our experience across many sectors and clients to develop a straightforward, but effective layered approach to achieving cyber security.

Cyber Effects and Services – Defensive

In terms of Defensive Cyber Security and resilience we provide the following Services:

Strategic Cyber security consultancy; Cyber Risk Audits; Cyber Threat and Vulnerability Assessments (CVA’s); Cyber Crime Intelligence Monitoring; Technical Controls and ISO 27001; Post Incident Analysis; Digital Forensic Investigations; Cyber ‘Tiger Testing’.

Embedding Cyber Security into Your Business

Cyber security can’t be seen as separate from any core business processes. We can help you ensure your risk, incident and business management processes take account of cyber security, and work to reinforce and embed the necessary changes across your organisation. Cyber security is not solely for the IT department. It is much, much more.

We offer a wide range of audit and assessment services, including a global ISO 27001 certification network. Our auditors don’t just tick the boxes, they can offer real insights on how you can improve your cyber security approach.

We act with precise ‘Thought Leadership’ on addressing Cyber threats – and act as a ‘Critical Friend’ to clients who need to understand and then address the problems with an holistic approach – Technical and Cultural solutions remain the key and each organisation will have different needs.

While every organisation’s needs are different – and we tailor our approach accordingly – Frankton offers a range of services that cover the three critical elements of effective and agile cyber security:


Intelligence based knowledge on current and future criminal tactics, techniques and procedures to guard against.

Setting and implementing the right governance, counter measures and cultural strategy to manage evolving cyber threats.

Crisis management, diagnostics and solutions so clients can minimise the material consequences of cyber-attacks in real time, at any time.

We help our clients to protect their business by assessing and analysing their own bespoke potential cyber risks. We balance that risk against the cost and build security into their organisation to ensure they can operate with confidence. Our end-to-end information security offerings include ‘critical friend’ consulting, InfoSec management systems, developed technical controls, and managed security services (covering both governance, risk and compliance and data risk management, as well as infrastructure protection).

Market Entry

We help clients with ‘thought leadership’ for tackling the complexity of Cyber vulnerabilities by providing:
– Tailored Cyber Vulnerability Assessments (CVA) at enterprise and project level
– Comprehensive risk mitigation guidance based upon the needs of the business
– Capability Development and governance ‘roadmap’ to reduce exposure within balanced cost frameworks.
– Training and Cultural change programmes
– Technical Control Measures
– Cyber intelligence reports to remain ‘alive’ to emerging threats and techniques
– Simulated attacks to expose the vulnerabilities and show the way criminals operate