Built Environment Security - Frankton Group

Securing Infrastructure

Frankton has extensive experience in the built environment for applying the ‘secure by design’ principles widely used across the UK. Our built environment teams comprise a core group of highly competent and experienced security specialists, supported by a network of international associates and affiliations. Our experience in operating in the built environment for secure by design has seen us work on a range of projects from the Olympic Games through to Ultra Secure data and communication centres as well as small to large scale construction and specialist government or military build projects.

CCTV Design & Installation

Designing your CCTV suite correctly is OUR start-point.

Frankton Group has a team of dedicated professional CCTV designers and installation engineers. We can design, install, and monitor a range of electronic surveillance devices, ranging from conventional CCTV to the latest IP cameras and audio devices.

We will always design and install systems to be as cost effective as possible whilst remaining user friendly. The interface between user and system can be designed to take into account all user needs. We will individually tailor your CCTV system to suit the risk profile of your business. 

‘Secure By Design’ in the Built Environment

Numerous new buildings, sporting stadia, government, residential and commercial centres, communication centres, and similar facilities are constructed every year.

Prudent architects and constructors seek to include security features into fundamental designs, thereby alleviating later costs for ‘retro-fitting’ security controls. Security measures included in fundamental building design are usually also more effective than those fitted as an after-thought. This process is often referred to as “Security by Design”.

Frankton actively participates in the design conceptualisation with architects and builders, and works through a project until completion and handover. Active participation by Frankton in the initial design phases of a project typically result in overall cost reduction and more efficient project progression. We develop security and safety operational requirements (OR’s), Concept of Operations (CONOPS), and functional requirements complete with specifications to deliver an holistic design and build framework for clients. This includes sensitive and ultra-secure sites including command and control establishments. 

Alarms & Access Control

In this day and age, maintaining the integrity of your business or personal premises is becoming ever more important.

Frankton provides various methods of access control that can be tailored to meet your individual business or personal needs. All of our access control systems and installation comply with BS 7799–3:2005. Our expertly trained team of designers and engineers can devise and implement a system to guarantee you maximum security of your premises; whether it is the control of the exterior, interior or both.

These systems can also be linked to a clocking in and out procedure to aid you in good housekeeping. Frankton Group has years of experience in the design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of access control systems. Our experts, specialising in your particular personal or business sector, prepare every installation and every contract individually from the small business through to industrial and large complexes.

Key Holding & Alarm Response

Let us manage your out of hours response.

Our Key Holding and Alarm Response service eliminates the inconvenience of you attending false alarm activations. It can also assist you in fulfilling your duty of care to your employees by removing the physical risk they may face as the result of a genuine activation.

In accordance with BS7984 requirements, Frankton will act as your primary key holder and respond to alarm activations on your behalf. In the event of your alarm being activated, our 24hr monitoring station will liaise with your Alarm Receiving Centre, verify the cause of the activation and, if necessary, liaise with the police, alarm companies and repair contractors on your behalf to re–secure your premises as quickly as possible.


Electronic and Physical Security Technology Project Management

We can apply our five layered security plan to your business.

Electronic and Physical security technology plays an integral part of a protective security overlay. Frankton keeps abreast of technological developments that may provide products and services to supplement and enhance our recommended treatment options and strategies. We can specify, implement and manage a broad range of technological systems that functionally provide integration of controls and strategies into a single, cohesive security management solution.

Security Screening and Access Control

Access Control is more than controlling access.

The integrity of a secure area, whether it is business premises, a sporting venue, or simply an IT area within a facility, can only be maintained with adequate incoming security screening procedures and access control. Frankton has extensive experience in this area having been involved in projects at airports, major sporting events (Olympic Games), and numerous governments, military and commercial facilities. Frankton will assist you to develop access control and security screening regimes appropriate for your business.

Bespoke Threat and Risk Analysis

You must understand the threats before you can eradicate them.

The ‘Intelligent’ Approach: At the very ‘core’ of our company expertise, is our understanding of Threat. Our assessments of threat derive our precise applications across our services of how we can help protect people, infrastructure and businesses.

Our staff and associates have all led their professional lives dealing with threat, understanding and assessing it, and providing solutions to mitigate it or in many cases work on national and international ‘threat reduction’ programmes. We offer an unparalleled understanding of how to assess threat utilising our expansive and in depth access to intelligence.

We deliver bespoke Threat Assessments and follow on processes that allow a client to make the best informed decisions on how to protect their assets. Whether it’s operating in a global high Threat environment, or trying to counter the threat using doctrine and well developed ‘good practice’, you can be assured our staff at the very highest professional edge anywhere in the world on delivering high grade practical advice and assessments.