Asset Protection Services - Frankton Group

Our specialist security and business support services.

We provide a variety of specialist security and business support services to both large and small businesses across all industry sectors and to individual clients keen to employ security staff that are not only professional, reliable and dedicated, but also discrete. 

It is our goal to add value to your business or quality of life by providing a Total Security Solution. Our services include:

VIP’s and High Net worth Protection; Close Protection & Residential Security Teams; Event Security; Assets in Transit Protection; Physical Site Security; Retail Asset Protection; Risk and Resilience; Journey Management.

VIP’s and High Net worth Protection

Close Protection & Residential Security Teams

Our Residential Security and Close Protection services all start with a Base Design Threat (BDT) Assessment, security vulnerability assessment (SVA), and a Frankton Security Plan (FSP). Our services extend from providing an asset protection service to the client for a single occasion, right through to a comprehensive, discreet, and bespoke package for enduring operations. We can accommodate:

A range of vehicles, (including armoured where required); Highly trained chauffeurs for defensive driving capability; CCTV installation and monitoring; Close Protection Officers (CPO) from police and special forces backgrounds; K9 units; Counter surveillance assets including tracking and surveillance; Threat, risk and vulnerability assessments for global countries and hostile environments; Protection of high net worth personal Assets.

Recruited from the intelligence, police, and special forces, our highly trained teams provide bespoke services to clients around the globe. Professional, reliable, highly disciplined, dedicated and very discrete – our teams provide a fully inclusive service whatever the need.

Event Security

Professional event security is achieved by sound planning and preparation.

Frankton currently handles the event security for the world renowned Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) at all of their events outside of North America. We have a dedicated Event Security Department specialising in supplying top quality security for all events, no matter what size.

Many of our consultants and practitioners are former security coordinators (SecCo’s) with the Metropolitan Police, and Military counter terrorist advisors (CTA’s) – all have contributed to high profile government and major sporting event security such as the olympic games, G8 conferences, and UK political party conferences.  Our teams have the highest levels of competency and capability to secure any event, anywhere in the world.

Assets in Transit Protection

High-value goods are most vulnerable when in transit, targeted by organized crime gangs for interdiction and theft. 

The need for protection today is paramount as the threats against valuable freight and high value goods increases around the world. With a keen understanding of the unique security requirements required for this niche market, Frankton offers specialized protection for any type of precious cargo.

We have very diverse protocols allowing us to have a global reach to capability and resources which  assist  the movement of High-Value goods. These are continually tested, are fully insured, and effectively tracked via our 24/7 monitoring station.  Our project managers are consistently tracking and monitoring all our operations around the globe, supported by the continuous feedback from our elite security personnel stationed with your cargo – these stations are equipped to immediately respond and activate emergency procedures when required.

Physical Site Security

Frankton are currently providing site security management to large organisations throughout the UK.

Frankton has a long history of providing physical, technical, and bespoke integrated security services. Through a specialist security vulnerability assessment (SVA) we will recommend an efficient solution for our clients’ needs to maximise asset protection within given fixed budgets.

Our teams ensure full coverage of site vulnerabilities, which are continually reviewed, assessed, and adapted over time. They regularly report back to our 24hr monitoring stations, which provide support through site monitoring, tracking and response teams as and when required.

Retail Asset Protection

Retail security requires a combination of understanding both physical and technical measures put in place to secure the clients assets.

Frankton Security provides high quality licensed security officer to multiple retail sectors. All of our Retail Security Officers are highly trained in the legal requirements for retail security.

They also understand electronic security devices (such as Sensormatic tagging etc) and how to utilise systems such as CCTV to prevent theft, gather evidence and apprehend offenders. Frankton officers are also trained in fraud prevention, including credit card fraud and counterfeit currency.

Risk and Resilience

Frankton have extensive range of experience in optimising organisations application of Risk and Resilience to manage and mitigate their own specific risks and vulnerabilities.

Our approach is one of providing a holistic and bespoke series of threat, risk and vulnerability studies, that in turn can be addressed logically to ensure an organisation’s ‘resilience’ is fully built upon and improved. Our processes are based upon delivering end to end solutions that encompass:

Detailed Threat Assessments derived from intelligence; Detailed Risk Assessments derived from expert judgement; Detailed Vulnerability Assessments; Impact Analyses

We have particular expertise in hostile environment, counter terrorist, organised crime, and critical national infrastructure assessments, as well as corporate risk and resilience experience.

We drive down into the detailed vulnerabilities by exploring and exposing vulnerabilities through our unique and much sought after expert methodologies. These include:

Undertaking Detailed Security Audits
We have sector experience for critical national infrastructure, major sports events, and corporate security audits which provide a detailed analysis of the current status and a through gap analysis with full written reports.

Security Vulnerability Assessments (SVA’s)
These are specialist assessments designed to precisely explore the vulnerability to known intelligence about adversary tactics, techniques and procedures. (link to security vulnerability assessment page)

Tiger Testing
The real deal in terms of ‘testing’ the measures in place and exposing the vulnerabilities an adversary would likely attack.

Red Teaming
We look in detail at the adversary capability, intent, and tactics techniques and procedures to analyse how they would undertake their operational reconnaissance, planning and then finalised attacks. This exposes an organisations vulnerability, via intelligence led expertise, to the manner in which threats would realistically materialise. Click here for more information. (link to Tiger Testing and Pen testing page)

Journey Management

It is often the case that the movement of personnel is the most dangerous activity for an organisation.

We have developed a journey management plan that can support and be applied to your routine activities, with business continuity in mind. This includes physical measures such as; route selection, driver training, protocol services, escort protection and the design of bespoke roles and responsibilities that can cater for the protection of all of your assets conducting mobile activities. We can also apply technical measures to your vehicles such as tracking devices that can be monitored by a 24 hour journey management control room.

Global Tracking

We can provide this service via our Control Room that is manned 24/7.

To complement our asset protection services, we provide global tracking. Satellite tracking is supported by our control centres. At any one time we know where an asset is, and should an incident occur (and the panic button be activated) we can react immediately. There are many levels of reaction to an incident, all of which are provided by our response services. These solutions are often supported by an appropriate insurance policy.