London calling - Frankton Group

Frankton expand into London’s financial hub.

Whilst we are all aware of the threats large European cities face in today’s world, it may come as a surprise to some that the Urban Explorer network is bringing new challenges to large-scale construction projects across our capital. These well organised groups spend time and effort scoping potential targets with a view to gaining entry on to the summit of these structures, and then posting their videos on social media platforms. Clearly, construction companies cannot afford to let this continue without demonstrating a duty of care and showing that they do not want these unwelcome guests on their sites.

Frankton Group has since been working on numerous high-profile sites embedding consultants who are preparing security plans that reinforce both physical and technical measures that are aimed at preventing breaches to the sites. We are pleased to announce that since then we have had  zero incidents of note. If this is a problem that you or your client face, please feel free to contact our Operations Team via this website.